"You must believe that winning, goal attainent, and mission accomplishment are possible.  As long as you truly believe that you can reach your goals and objectives, you will.  That belief in yourself and abilties is real and tangible.  It's that belief that creates the passion that will drive you to willingly pay the price for your success."

Stephen Nave

My passion is helping others improve and change their lives through health and fitness. I believe that health and fitness are the gateways to fast and unprecedented change in our lives. Making positive changes in your health and fitness holds the greatest potential for immediate and lasting change that effects not only you but the world around you.

Using a combination of hard science and an empathetic analysis, I create and implement methods to accelerate the process of mental, physical and spiritual transformation that are directed toward the combat and tactical athlete, yet also have tremendous carryover to everyday fitness. By sharing and inspiring each other, we discover much of our untapped potential.  Thus, I work collaboratively with an outstanding group of professionals that includes world class athletes, operators, military, LEO, EMS, and other tactical and combat athletes to develop programs that increase and enhance performance in physically and mentally taxing situations.  

My background includes 23 years of service in the U.S. Navy, with 18 as a Navy SEAL. I was also a Navy SEAL Instructor in the Naval Special Warfare Physical Training Center in Coronado, California and trained the men in BUD/S who would go on to become SEALs. Therefore, I understand what it means to take people to the top, challenging their physical strength, muscle endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capabilities, as well as increasing mental toughness through a winning mindset.   

Learn More. Train More.
- Steve