Just got into Scottsdale for week long course on TCCC (Tactical Casualty Combat Care).  Should be an amazing learning experience.

Even though I just got in town, after checking into the HGI (Hilton Garden Inn) the next stop was Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Maintaining your nutrition routine while traveling can be a challenge, believe me I know.  But prior planning, such as getting your accommodations with refrigerator, stove and cooking tools all goes a long way to keep you on track.

The HGI had just that, so going shopping and getting virtually all the food I need for not only the week but for preparing my food each day (the night before) and taking it with me.

This way I stay on track with my nutrition, know what I am eating, save a ton of money and feeling better emotionally about making the right decisions to spend the extra time to be prepared and take me one choice closer to reaching my goals.

If have any questions about keeping your nutrition tight while you travel just ask away!