Start your year off right and join CATS for our first CATS Team Challenge of the year on January 2, 2016! 

This first CATS Challenge will take advantage of Cowles Mountain (pronounced Coals) with its outstanding views at 1,591’ above sea level, for a 3 mile out and back Challenge Hike. This unique event will be led by Nik Hawks (aka Coach Hox). Nik is a great friend of Coach Nave who runs to stay sane and dabbles in ultra-marathons above 9,000 feet, gardens to stay healthy, and sells cookies online for others to engage in the driven lifestyle of excellence through “motion, diet and attitude.”

And the challenge?? Yes, there is more to the challenge than just a hike that will test your mental toughness and athleticism as you climb the 933' vertical ascent of Cowles Mountain in this CATS Team event. 

This is the first in a series of challenge events led by Coach Hox that will increase your mental focus and toughness as you learn to overcome the trials posed by strength/endurance events as you increase your athleticism. Remember, easy never gets results. The series will culminate in a 12-mile challenge at Otay Mountain in June – details to be released as we approach the final challenge.

Interested? Contact Coach Nave directly to register and get more details. You don’t have to participate in every event. You can pick and choose. Friends are welcome! So is there still a challenge, of course, but the main objective is to have fun! Beers are on Coach Nave and Coach Hox after each event.

We look forward to this great team building challenge!