This is a legit Polaroid photo after our first CATS Challenge! Coach Nik Hawks, wearing only shorts, a heart rate monitor, and no shoes, led us up a steep starting incline that included the instructions, "Jog or run, do not stop until we get to the next challenge." Approximately 1/2 way up, he led us to a pile of small boulders and we were instructed, "Find one at least the size of your head and carry it to the top, anyway you need to, and do not put it down." This portion of the challenge started to level the playing field, and we had to learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable, lugging a cumbersome and awkward stone to the top of a the mountain. Passers by asked, "Why are you carrying stones UP the mountain??" We told them, "To build it higher!" Once at the top, our legs screaming, we put down the stones. But only for a moment. We had to swap stones and carry them DOWN the mountain, undertaking a couple of challenges on the way. 

So the point is, even though we train hard in the gym - we're strong, we're fit, we're beasts - you've got to take time out to enjoy the fruits of your labor and be functional with what you've built. The Challenge Series are not meant to be a workout, but a fun way to challenge our fitness and strengthen the ties within our awesome CATS community! See you next time, details coming soon for CATS Challenge 2!

 — with Stephen NaveTimothy S. LuceyNik Hawks,Pinita Maberry-Nave and Justin Auld at Cowles Mountain Barker Way Trail.