OPEN GYM  

Train on your own in our elite training facility using all our unique tools. Open gym is included in the Unlimited Small Group Training Package or as a stand-alone option. NOTE: Small group training and private coaching get priority on tools, but feel free to come anytime to soak up the motivational CATS atmosphere!

First Call/Reveille

Our old faithful HIIT morning class gets a name makeover! Reveille is a bugle call used to wake military personnel at sunrise. The name comes from réveille (or réveil), the French word for "wake up."


Meet your goals head on and fully amped in body and mind. This high-intensity metabolic conditioning training taxes all 3 energy systems and acts like a fat-incinerator to ensure results that leave you fit and motivated for the demands of LIFE using all the tools in our kit.

                           Phase 1: Bulgarian Bag  

Used by Professional and Olympic level athletes to take their overall body conditioning and muscle endurance to the next level, this class focuses on the 10 core fundamental movement patterns with endless variations for all levels. Test your muscle strength endurance with this amazing Dynamic Load Based Training tool that hits virtually every muscle of your body in a high-intensity, power packed training session!

                           Fitness Through Gymnastics

Overcome mental barriers and learn to move your body in ways that you thought were not possible or were too afraid to attempt. This unique adults-only class provides you the outstanding benefits of basic gymnastics movements without becoming a gymnast, and involves strength, flexibility, balance, muscle control, physical agility and mental toughness. Lead by Julio Torres, who started gymnastics at a young age and progressed to blending gymnastics and equitation to become a professional horse acrobat. Julio is also a professional horse rider and trainer. The class is the perfect blend of challenging and fun and suitable for all skill levels.

                           Basics of the Bulgarian Bag (by appointment)

One-time attendance at this class is required for all CATS memberships (this includes open gym, private coaching, and small group memberships). This required class provides the basics to get you up to speed on the Bulgarian Bag. Attendance will not be deducted from your monthly membership for this required class.

Joint Mobility (Th)

Lead by Coach Anthony Roummel, this class takes his love of barefoot training into the future, by integrating body weight, balance, and your breath to experience a challenging, unique workout. Move, swing, hold, release, and fly!

                           The Grinder

Our tried and true Saturday HIIT challenge small group class! We kick it up a notch during this challenge session utilizing The Grinder as the proving grounds for weekly performance tracking.



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