Dynamic Load Based Training System Defined

DLB training is a system that uses a load, in a dynamic way, to create constant change in physics properties leveraging the training benefits of momentum, acceleration, deceleration, inertia, gravity, and ground reaction forces, that when put into motion, create forces on our bodies that elicits rapid and progressive change (results) within the system (body, mind and spirit).



 What makes this system unique is that it uses a structured, periodized approach that will elicit fast and measurable changes within your body and mind.  When measured you will see significant changes in:

  •     Muscular strength and endurance
  •     Increased metabolic effect resulting in burning more calories at rest
  •     Move better, feel better, and look better

Truly a Functional Movement Based Approach

  •     Maintenance of your center of gravity over your own base of support = balance/stability
  •     Improves relevant CNS integration = increasing ability
  •     Isolation to integration = movement
  •     Generalized motor program compatibility = superior carryover to other activities

Some of the other advantages you will develop

  •      Improved power output
  •      Greater speed
  •      Enhanced range of motion through increased mobility and flexibility
  •      Mental toughness
  •      Increased metabolic rate and fat burning results