Dynamic load based training used to increase and enhance performance for combat and tactical athletes.

As part of the CATS, the under lying method is the application of Dynamic Load Based (DLB) training. The DLB system is method of using of constant change in activity or movements that uses forces to produce motion and stimulate change within our body. The forces are provided via bodyweight, Bulgarian Bag weight or using traditional barbell or dumbbell type equipment. Let take a closer look at the definitions of the component words:

•    Dynamic: a system characterized by constant change, activity, or progress; that uses forces to produce motion and stimulates change (in this case physiological, emotional and hormonal) within our body.

•    Load: a weight that is carried and moved

•    Base: a foundation or starting point for further work.

Thus, the DLB training is a system that uses a load, in a dynamic way, to create constant change in physics properties leveraging the training benefits of momentum, acceleration, deceleration, inertia, gravity, and ground reaction forces, that when put into motion, create forces on our bodies that elicits rapid change within the system