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  • 2949 Garnet Ave, 4th Floor
  • San Diego, CA, 92109
  • United States

Get an intense Pre-Feast POWER workout before you hit the Thanksgiving festivities. Using ALL the tools in our kit, we will take you through a high-intensity workout that will challenge your cardio, strength, and muscle endurance. Guest Trainers STEVE COTTER, a champion athlete known world-wide as a leader in kettlebells and a cutting-edge trainer and founder of IKFF, and DAVID WECK, a visionary in the fitness world who also invented the BOSU that inhabits every gym in the world, will be tag-teaming with COACH STEVE NAVE during the CATS Pre-Feast Thanksgiving Power Workout! 

WARNING: Be prepared to burn calories! This high-intensity workout will burn 1500+ calories and keep your metabolism going all day. You deserve to be gluttonous every once in a while, and by prepping your body ahead of the feast, you can afford to take in those extra calories to build MUSCLE! Bring a water bottle and towel. Please come early to stretch. If you're new, come about 10 minutes early to sign a waiver.

You will not experience a workout like this anywhere else and working with these three outstanding professionals at only $20 for 90 minutes is an incredible value. You get a chance to train and learn from the best!

Space is limited to 24 participants