• Combat Athlete Training Center (map)
  • 2949 Garnet Ave
  • San Diego, CA, 92109
  • United States


This hands-on 4-hour workshop will guide you in applying the incredibly versatile Bulgarian Bag in any environment to increase muscular strength and endurance, increase anaerobic capacity, neuromuscular drive, speed, agility, and overall core strength. The Bulgarian Bag has tremendous carry-over benefits to performance in countless other activities and sports. This workshop is ideal for trainers, coaches, athletes in any sport, and anyone who wants to take their fitness to the next level.

Additionally, you will learn to:

• Categorize exercises in movement patterns such as Spinning, Snatching or Throwing and design workouts to maximize carryover to other sports or activities
• Learn basic program design for use with athletes, individuals, or groups
• Learn the techniques of how to execute different dynamic and muscle target exercises, and how to master them
• Learn how to use the Bulgarian Bag as a warm up tool before training activities
• Learn how to use the Bulgarian Bag as a cool down tool after the training work out
• The knowledge and experience that you will gain going through this workshop will help you learn how to have a better control on the bag while exercising with it.

Over all, this Bulgarian Bag workshop will help you to properly and safely use the bag in a variety of settings for fitness or world class athletic preparation and much more.

At the end of this workshop you be able to answer for yourself, “Are You Bag Fit?”