Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.
— Abraham Lincoln

Testimonials — Read what people are saying...

Training at CATS is hands down the best 50 minutes of my day.
Here’s what I love about it:
- You WILL get fit! This isn’t like going to LA Fitness or Chuze where you’ll get lost in a throng of other people aimlessly trying to get fit. You’re in a supervised 3 to 8 person class. It’s like having a personal trainer (at a fraction of the price).
— David M.
I didn’t realize the incredible carryover until I started winning more races after training with the Bulgarian Bag. I swim better, run faster, and cycle harder.
— Gary Grassi
In spite of all the tough workouts and his gruff exterior, Steve is good people. When there is air available and opportunity to talk, he’s cool too.
If you want REAL RESULTS (inside and out), get with Steve. I call him the Bringer of Pain, but it’s only an hour 3 days a week and it’s well WORTH IT!
— Brandon Hawkins
Thanks for an awesome weekend and the toughest I’ve worked since joining the RAF Physical Training Instructor over 15 years ago!
— Stuart Amory
Steve’s innate ability to achieve success with any individual he works with makes him the best trainer I have ever encountered. Not only are his credentials and physique impressive, but so is his training approach. He pushes you to your own limits with his combination of mental and physical toughness. You soon realize that it’s you that doesn’t want to let him down, especially when you begin to see and feel the results of his routine. His positive energy keeps you motivated and wanting more despite the pain.
— Smokin Hot