- The Dynamic Load Base movements that make up the training are challenging but never feel unnatural or unsafe. That’s the reason I passed on CrossFit. I’ve known people who got hurt by doing complex and unnecessary movements under the supervision of inexperienced instructors. Despite the intensity at CATS I’ve never seen anyone injure themselves. Credit goes to Steve who has years of experience and closely watches the class. You’re never pressed to perform a movement before being coached on how to do it correctly.
- Mental toughness. You have to put out when you show up. And, you will push yourself beyond what you think you can do. I’ve learned more about myself and grown more as a person as a result of training here. Pushing past physical and mental barriers changes how you view yourself and what you’re capable of doing. I’m more effective in everything I do, especially at work.
- The gym is an open 6,500 sq.ft arena filled with some of the coolest training tools you’ll ever see. No muscle in your body goes unworked and it never gets boring.
And perhaps my favorite.
- It’s a workout and a show...The training is as fun as it is challenging. Steve, a retired Navy SEAL who spent his last few years as a BUD/S instructor, brings that experience, cadence and especially humor to the classes with some of the funniest quips and one liners you’ll hear. The classes are peppered with encouraging comments, comedic mockery, and irreverence in a way that’s part stand up comedy and part beat down.
My summary:
It’s by far the best training experience, mental toughness/personal growth experience you’ll find. At 45 years old I’m in the best shape of my life mentally and physically. I can’t imagine not training here.
The people who attend are fun and enjoy the hard work. If you’re not the type that has grit you’ll get it soon enough. If you do have it, it will get tested.
The camaraderie and teamwork is amazing. I’ve made some great friends here.
The cost of the unlimited classes membership at CATS is on par with CrossFit although anyone who trains here will quickly tell you it’s a much better value. My opinion, it’s way underpriced for what you get.
Hope this encourages you to drop in and see if it’s for you.
— David M.